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2022 New Gun Laws Summary Part One

22 Jun 2022 20:50 | Anonymous

Hi everyone. As promised, here is a Summary of the new gun laws that are going into, or already have gone into effect now & in the near future. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please go to the Forum section of this website and ask. I will do my best to answer any and all questions you may have on this topic. 

With that being said, here you go:


Expands the definition of "Firearm" under Penal Law Section 265.00(3) to include "any other weapon that is not otherwise defined in this section containing any component that provides housing or a structure designed to hold or integrate any fire control component that is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by action of explosive"  This new law now includes as firearms those guns/parts that did not fall under the category of a rifle, shotgun, or firearm.  For example: Lower Receivers, Arm-Brace guns, and guns such as the Mossberg Shockwave and Remington TAC-14's. This new law becomes effective on July 6, 2022. It does not specify whether currently-owned firearms that fall under this new law are grandfathered in.

What this means is that any firearm/component that was once classified as an 'Other' is now reclassified as a 'Firearm' which does not fall within the legal spectrum of the definition of a firearm and therefore is now illegal in NY. This law is going to be debated heavily and I will keep you all posted as this is a huge bone of contention with many people and manufacturers. 


Prohibits those not engaged or employed in eligible professions from purchasing or taking possession of a body vest. Unlawful purchase or sale of a body vest is a class A misdemeanor (class E felony for a subsequent offense). NOTE: Possession of a body vest is still lawful, whether  previously owned, or obtained from a state where purchase is legal. This law becomes effective on July 6, 2022.

What this means is that while you will no longer be allowed to purchase a vest in NY, you can still own one or purchase one out of state and bring it back. As long as you don't commit any felonies with a firearm while wearing it. If you do that then your screwed. So don't do that.


Amends the definition of large capacity ammunition feeding device for purposes of Criminal Possession of a Weapon in the Third Degree by eliminating the previously included exemption for such magazines that were legally possessed by a person prior to the enactment of the SAFE Act, or that was manufactured prior to September 13,1994. These provisions are effective on July 6, 2022 and will require anyone in possession of such a magazine to surrender it. 

What this means is all those Standard Capacity magazines (they are considered 'High Capacity' in NY) you have that you were allowed to keep when the SAFE Act went into effect, you have to give them up.  Now you are only allowed to have magazines that can hold no more than 10 rounds. That does NOT mean that you can take your magazines that have a 30rd capacity and pin it. You do not have a manufacturers license and if you do that, you will get into trouble. If you purchased it from a dealer and it was pinned by the dealer, I would double check that they have a manufacturers license as well. If they do not and have not stamped it with their manufacturing stamp, it is illegal. However, if they DO have their manufacturers license and they DID stamp it, you are good to go.

Read the next post for more.

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